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  • Lin Minwang (林民旺)
    Born : January , 1979Gender : Male

Deputy director, south Asia research center, Fudan University


In 2003, he graduated from Central South University with a bachelor of arts degree;

In 2005, he graduated from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences with a master's degree in law;

In 2008, he graduated from School of Foreign Affairs with a doctorate in law;


August 2016, young researcher, institute of international studies, Fudan University;

From April 2014 to July 2016, associate professor, institute of international relations, School of Foreign Affairs;

From March 2013 to April 2014, second secretary, political office of the embassy of China in India;

From July 2010 to March 2013, associate professor, institute of international relations, School of Foreign Affairs;


Translated works

1. Political psychology, central compilation and translation press, 2013

2. China's grand strategy and international security, social sciences literature press, 2008

3. Theory of European integration, world knowledge press, 2008

4. Strategic economics, China Renmin University Press, 2006

5. The second world, CITIC press, 2009

6. Post American world, CITIC press, 2009

7. Security strategy of our times, Peking University Press, 2016

Notable Works|Publications

1. India's understanding of the belt and road initiative and China's policies

2. Development impetus and prospect of India EU strategic partnership

3. India's interest demands and development prospects on the South China Sea issue

4. Seeking strategic stability in the nuclear era

7. Seeking a universal theory of China's international relations

8. Internalization of international norms: the impact of domestic structures and communication mechanisms

9. Europeanization of foreign and security policies of EU Member States

10. The Olympic Games and the internationalization of Beijing: understanding the interaction between China and the international system

11. Domestic audience cost theory and international cooperation

12. Europeanization: a new perspective of EU common foreign and security policy research

13. A study of Womack's theory of structural error perception

14. The perplexity of hegemony: why the United States can't act recklessly

15. Metaphor and the construction of international relations theory

16. Avoiding losses and the excessive expansion of great powers

17. On the "democratic deficit" of the European Union

18. Theory or history?

19. Prospect theory of international relations

20. Governance of the chaotic world

21. Prospect theory and foreign policy making

22. 50 years of the Helsinki process: shaping common security

23. Seeking the development docking between China and India under the construction of "the belt and road"

24. Academic research and policy research: destined to go further and further

Main Opnions

His main research fields are international relations theory and south Asian international relations (including China India relations).


Trump administration's "India Pacific strategy" was about to officially emerge, what role India would play in it has attracted great attention. Permanent secretary of the ministry of foreign affairs of India, said that India's "India Pacific strategy" was the "eastward" policy. In this way, the development of India's relations with Singapore and other strategic fulcrums of "eastward" undoubtedly needed more attention from China.


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