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  • Yuan Yue (袁岳)
    Born : April , 1965Gender : Male

Chairman of HORIZON


2004, Doctor of sociology, Peking University;

2001, MPa, Kennedy School of government, Harvard University;

1988, he entered Southwest University of political science and law without examination and obtained master of law;

1985, Bachelor of law, Nanjing University;


Founded in 1992, he served as chairman and president of HORIZON.

China Urban Investment Environment Assessment Research (1994-1999), served as the project host. The project is funded by Hong Kong Yuegang group and Japan China economic news.

UNICEF assisted China project evaluation (1994-1999), as the main evaluation consultant, has carried out field evaluation on more than 10 projects of UNICEF assisted China's Ministry of civil affairs, all China Women's Federation, China Disabled Persons foundation and Ministry of health.

Research on the career change history of urban labor force in China (1992-1996), served as the project host. The project is supported by the world bank and cooperates with Professor Calla Weimer.

China's Communication Market Research (1994-1999), has successively served as more than 10 large-scale research projects in mobile phone, pager, data communication and telecommunication services commissioned by Ericsson, Motorola, Chinacom, China Unicom, etc.

In June 2018, he served as a member of the new Shanghai Municipal Committee of Political Consultative.


Social activist, who provides lectures for Carnegie Center for International Peace, China US Trade National Committee, Oxford University, Japan's 《Japan-China Economic News》and other institutions.

At the same time, he served as a columnist and host of “China Business Daily”, “Financial Times”, “Business Weekly”, “Sales and Marketing” and other media.

Representative of European public opinion and Market Research Association in China (Beijing).

Vice president of China Market Research Association (CMRA) and chairman of Public Relations Committee.

Development strategy consultant of the Olympic Organizing Committee

Guest lecture and development strategy consultant, School of public management, Tsinghua University.

Part time professor of Southwest Jiaotong University.

MBA part time tutor of International Business School of Nankai University.

Notable Works|Publications

Research works focus on brand management, system marketing, internal management transformation, leadership building, crisis management, terminal management, marketing research methodology, especially qualitative research methods.

Media Studies

He once served as the project leader of audience positioning research of important emerging media in mainland China, such as Southern Weekend (Guangzhou), Beijing Youth Daily (Beijing), CCTV-2, and was the main research consultant of CCTV's business and economic programs;

Government research

He was consultant of special consulting projects of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other local governments and central government departments of civil affairs, social welfare, foreign capital management, etc. He was responsible for important projects including the assessment of Chinese mayors and the assessment of investment environment of urban development zones.

Main Opnions

Many college students don't know if their majors can be used for work. If they can take a year off to start a business or return to study after an internship, they will have a clearer plan for the future, said Yuan. Pay attention on practicing and entrepreneurship needs to change from the campus; if you are still hesitant, you'd better not take the road of entrepreneurship; take advantage of your youth to do a good job of tossing things. Internet business model is not suitable for popularization. "Internet +" is even a mainstream, but not everyone needs "+".

Yuan Yue suggested that young entrepreneurs should take part in social practice and social experience, practice in start-up enterprises, provide social welfare services, expand social contact, enhance observation ability and accumulate social resources, "no matter how deep the water is, jump first.".

Yuan Yue also said that employment without entrepreneurship will be eliminated in this era.


This busy man, like a man full of clockwork, has multiple identities, but public welfare accounts for 60% of his time, which is due to his dissatisfaction with the young talents "made" by the current education system.

At 10:30 a.m., Yuan Yue, from Beijing Chaoyang planning art museum, made a keynote speech on "Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship road" at the "2013 overseas scholars innovation and entrepreneurship conference", and then received an exclusive interview in the hall of planning art museum. About half an hour later, he began to talk about the quality of young journalists.

"Since 2000, few young journalists have asked questions. Of the 100 journalists who have visited you, 99 are unqualified." "There are more and more journalism schools, but fewer and fewer people good at interview, which shows that students and teachers have entered a endless loop together," Yuan said.


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