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  • Yu Dan (于丹)
    Born : June , 1965Gender : Fmale

Professor of Beijing Normal University


She received a master's degree in ancient Chinese literature and a doctoral degree in film & TV studies from Beijing Normal University.

Bachelor Degree in Beijing Union University.


She is also assistant to the Dean, Faculty of Arts & Media, as well as the Department Chair of the Film & Television Media Department.

She holds strategist/researcher positions in a roster of mass media groups such as China Television Artists Association, China Visual Association's Tertiary Arts committee, China Visual Association's Research Group, CCTV's Research Office, China News Research Group, China-Guangdong Research Institute, China-Guangdong Institute Legal Programs Committee, News Corp (Australia), etc.

Since 1988, she has been active in the first line of film and television media practice.

In 2007, the second session “Rich List Of Chinese Writers" was released. Yu Dan, with a royalty income of 10.6 million yuan, was ranked second on the rich list of writers, attracting widespread attention.

In November 2018, She resigned as secretary of the Party committee of the school of art and media, Beijing Normal University.


Research Field

Radio and television morphology, radio and television channel research, traditional culture research.

After being selected into the first batch of "Video Open Courses Of Chinese Universities" of the ministry of education "Undergraduate Teaching Quality And Teaching Reform Project" of the ministry of education, the course "Appreciation Of Chinese Classical Poetry", which is the basic course for undergraduate students, achieved a very high number of Internet hits in 2012, and aroused widespread social attention and praise.

Since 2003, as the host of the project, she has cooperated with CCTV, China Education TV, China Radio International, Beijing TV, Shanghai TV, Shanxi TV, Shaanxi TV, Guangdong TV, etc. to carry out a large number of research projects, which have achieved fruitful research results, promoted the healthy development of China's TV media industry, and has a wide range in the film and television media industry General influence.

Notable Works|Publications

Image Brand Competitiveness: A Practical Strategy For TV Packaging

Yu Dan's Experience Of Analects

Experience Of Yudan Zhuangzi

Yudan, A Dream In The Garden: A Tour Of Kunqu Art And Aesthetics

From The Starry Sky To The Soul: An Interview With Yi Zhongtian And Yu Dan (Co Authored)

Discover Your Heart

Understanding Of Yu Dan's Analects

Yudan Interesting Life

Yu Dan: Reviewing The Most Beautiful Ancient Poetry

Growth Of Reading Classics

Reading The Most Beautiful Ancient Poetry With Yu Dan

A Dream Makes You Feel Cold

Experience Of Yudan

Yu Dan: Analects Of Confucius

Main Opnions

“For example, in the world where the bottom line of human relations is constantly moving down, is the guidance of Chinese learning clumsy?” Yu Dan said that she gradually realized that “When people grind things, they don't want to be smooth and hypocritical, but they learn to follow the fate in a group of pure heart.”


Yu managed to become a household name in China because she abridged the works of Confucius (551-479 B.C.) and Zhuangzi (369-286 B.C.) to make it appear relevant to laymen with "colloquial re-wordings and vivid short stories". In an interview with New York Times, Yu attributed the popularity of her work to the stresses of life in the fast-changing nation and to historical factors (paraphrased): "Traditional thought has been criticized for so many years that there is genuine interest in rediscovering it." On the Baidu (《百度》) portal alone, there are over 20,000 posts on the "bulletin board" named after her. "White collar workers, college students, professors, migrant workers, community guards and retired grannies all had something to say."

Christian Caryl, writing in Hong Kong's Muse Magazine, has criticised Yu's book Confucius from the heart: Ancient Wisdom for Today's World: 'New-Agers in the West have made an industry out of freeze-drying non-Western religions until they're tasteless enough for the indiscriminate modern palate. Yu's book is the first time I've seen a non-Westerner up to the same sort of thing.'

Li Zehou, a famous philosopher and author of the Analects of Confucius, said of Yu Dan's contribution to the popularization of classics: "Yu Dan is a bridge between the elite and the common people". Yu Dan's classical reading today can be said to have fulfilled the wish of many Sinologists, that is, to bring the classics closer to the times, to the people's hearts, to play their due role in moral education and enlightening the people's wisdom -- she did it and successful.


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