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  • Qian Wenzhong (钱文忠)
    Born : June , 1966Gender : Male

Professor, Department of history, Fudan University


Sanskrit and Pali, Peking University


In 1984, he was admitted to the Sanskrit Pali language department of Oriental Languages and Literature Department of Peking University. He studied under Mr. Ji Xianlin, a famous writer, linguist, educator and social activist in China. From the first year of university, he began to write and publish academic papers, and won the first prize of "Ji Xianlin Oriental Scholarship".

In the mid-1980s, he studied at the Department of Indian and Tibetan History and Culture at the University of Hamburg, Germany. He studied under the renowned Indian scientist A. Wezler, the famous Buddhist scientist L. Schmithausen, and the famous Iranian Professor REEmmerick. , Minor Studies and Iran Studies.

In 1996, he was introduced and taught in the Department of History of Fudan University.

He is also a tutor of the Chinese Culture Academy, a researcher at the Oriental Culture Research Center of East China Normal University, a visiting professor at the Beijing Film Academy, a deputy director of the Ji Xianlin Institute, and a member of the compilation committee of the "Confucian Collection" of Peking University.

In recent years, he has lectured on programs such as "The Journey to the West", "Interpretation of the Three Character Classics" by Qian Wenzhong, and "Interpretation of Disciples by Qian Wenzhong" in the "Hundred Schools Forum" section of CCTV.


In the early summer of 2007, Qian Wenzhong started "Xuan Zang Journey to the West" on CCTV's tenth program "Lecture Room". He is not talking about Xuan Zang in "Journey to the West", but the real Xuan Zang in history. Shortly after the first twelve lectures were broadcast, Qian Wenzhong's demeanor and eloquence caught the attention of the audience. According to CCTV ’s ratings survey, Qian Wenzhong ’s talk about “Xuan Zang ’s Journey to the West” actually accounted for 3.2% of the entire population ’s ratings, which means that the number of people watching this program reached more than 40 million, which is the highest-rated program “Lecture Room” in history, have surpassed the ratings set by Yu Dan and Yi Zhongtian.

Notable Works|Publications

Academic masterpiece

"Xuan Zang's Journey to the West", "An Interpretation of Qian Wenzhong: Disciple's Regulations", "Peperomia: Qian Wenzhong's Cultural Essay", etc.

Main Opnions

"Since 30 years of reform and opening up, we have contracted and simplified the concept of wealth unprecedented in human history. In these 30 years, in the eyes of most people, wealth is equal to money, or wealth is equal to material. But in the history of mankind, wealth has never been such simplified. "


Economic and social development has neglected some important issues and changed some concepts, such as success. Qian Wenzhong said: "In the past 30 years, the material pursuit of our nation has been inspired, and even given examples to society. It seems that the sign of success is to have more money. "

The materialized social demonstration effect finally produced social problems that cannot be ignored. Qian Wenzhong said: "There are many problems in our economy, there are various injustices, there are gaps between urban and rural areas, and gaps between the east and the west. It's much bigger at any time. As society develops and people's living standards improve, it's getting harder and harder for us to laugh. "


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