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  • Fang Bing (房兵)
    Gender : Male

Military instructor of National Defense University, senior colonel


1988 to 1992, he majored in “tank command and vehicle application engineering” in the command department of the General Assembly Engineering College, and obtained a Bachelor of engineering degree.

1994 to 1997, he graduated from the Graduate School of National Defense University with a master's degree in military science.


At the beginning of 2010, he appeared on TV series of "One Hundred Forums" on CCTV10.

On October 12, 2019, Fang Bing, former director of the military training and research section of the former campaign teaching and research department, doctor of military science and visiting professor of Shandong University of science and technology, visited the 22nd "Taishan forum" of Shandong University of science and technology and made a special report "Great military parade in the history of new China"


TV program

Centennial Aircraft Carrier Series

“Aircraft Carrier Of One Hundred Years” is a series of documentaries in “Classic Human Geography” of Yunnan satellite TV. It has 17 episodes and is explained by Fang Bing.

Chinese Expeditionary Army series

At the invitation of CCTV, Fang Bing appeared on cctv10's “100 Forums” program in early 2010, focusing on the “Chinese expeditionary army” series. This program has finished playing.

Notable Works|Publications

During his study in the University of national defense (1994-1997), he published 56 papers about military on more than 10 journals including the 《University of National Defense》, 《Military Academy》, 《Submarine Academic Research》, 《World Military》, 《Modern Military》, 《Military Historical Forest》, 《Ship Knowledge》, 《Modern Weapons》, 《Tank Mounted Vehicles》 and other publications, totaling more than 300000 words. In addition, he is the author of 《Aircraft Carrier and War》 (about 250000 words, published by National Defense Industry Press in 1997).

Main Opnions

Fang Bing said:“We want to develop aircraft carriers to protect our overseas strategic routes, to maintain the safety of our strategic channels, including protecting our overseas interests at a certain time. We must think about this clearly, what we want to do with aircraft carriers.”


Fang Bing: There has always been a dispute between the "carrier group" and the "submarine group". This is mainly from the perspective of the cost-effectiveness ratio of operations. The focus of the debate is whether it is more effective to develop the carrier battle group or build dozens of submarines if the same investment is made? I think there will be different conclusions if we analyze and compare the needs of operations. However, the issue of developing aircraft carriers cannot be fully analyzed from the military point of view. I quite agree with the statement that "Aircraft carriers are not only strategic weapons in conventional weapons, but also conventional weapons in strategic weapons." It can be said that the aircraft carrier has the combat function of general conventional weapons, but also has the deterrent effect that general conventional weapons do not have.


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