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  • Yu Jianrong (于建嵘)
    Born : September , 1962Gender : Male

Professor, Institute of Rural Development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


Hunan Normal University

Huazhong Normal University Chinese Rural Issues Research Center, Doctor of Laws


In December 2010, after 300,000 netizens voluntarily voted, he and Dai Xu, Yi Xianrong, Lang Xianping, Cao Jianhai, Guo Yiping, Shi Hanbing, Zhang Hongliang, and Sun Xiliang were identified as the "Nine Great People of the Internet in China" (2010 China Internet One of the nine great people). They are called by the majority of netizens as "the true representatives of the Chinese public at the bottom", "the outstanding descendants of the Chinese nation in the 21st century", and "the most conscientious Chinese literati".

In October 2011, nine of them were again elected by more than 400,000 Internet users as "the top nine opinion leaders in China."

Notable Works|Publications

His major works include "Yuecun Politics: Changes in the Rural Political Structure of China in the Transitional Period" and "Contemporary Rights Defence of Chinese Contemporary Farmers: An Investigation in Hengyang, Hunan", etc.

Main Opnions

From a practical point of view, the bottom layer is an indispensable and important part of studying the contemporary social problems and the overall history of social structure in contemporary China. The underlying society of contemporary China exists objectively and is a very large social group.

"Bottom society" as a value orientation requires us to understand the development and goals of society based on the situation of the bottom people and their requirements and desires. Therefore, our political research cannot only stop at the level of the political elite's activities, but must go deep into the underlying structure of social life to find the real cause of the incident; the elites who dominate social development cannot stop at the level of moral evaluation. Instead, look for a social force that restricts the actions of elites.

From the perspective of methodology, as a social research method, "low-level society" requires researchers to understand social phenomena from the perspective of the lower-level people. In the current period of social transformation, the research perspective of the underlying society is helpful for understanding and revealing the alternative social reality behind China's prosperity and social transformation. It has great theoretical and practical significance for enriching the social transformation and social structure and the theory of social conflict.


The mainstream view represented by Yu Jianrong believes that the confirmation of power is the basis of rural land reform, the realistic requirement of adapting to the larger-scale reorganization of rural elements, and the premise of land transfer. He Xuefeng believes that the confirmation of agricultural land rights is neither necessary nor meaningful, and will lead to the "tragedy against the commons", which should be done with caution. Tao Ran believes that the current method of confirming the right to agricultural land has high costs and limited benefits, and may intensify contradictions and increase the potential cost of agricultural modernization.


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