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  • Yang Tuan (杨团)
    Gender : Male

Deputy Director of the Center for Social Policy Research, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.


Graduated from Capital University of Economics and Business with a bachelor's degree


Member of the Academic Committee of the Institute of Sociology. He make great amount of researches on social policy, social security, and community.

Notable Works|Publications

"Analysis of the Welfare State" (2002)

"Basic Integrated Social Security System Reform" (2001)

Main Opnions

The discipline of social policy was created in the late 19th century. By the late 20th century, because its research paradigm could not answer the question of how to maintain and enhance human welfare in the context of economic globalization, the discipline was facing severe challenges. In the effort to respond to the challenges, important changes have taken place in the perspectives and methods of disciplinary observation and research on social issues: from pure government decision-making to joint decision-making by multiple social subjects; from redistribution and consumption orientation to production and social investment into redistribution Realm shift. A discipline that was originally non-productive is moving towards productivity, showing that this discipline is undergoing an evolution of research paradigms.


At present, almost all community service centers in China are managed by government agenciesstreets, which are directly managed or contracted by individuals to the Civil Affairs Division. Due to the lack of mature management models and standards, coupled with a lack of working capital, the management situation is generally poor, which has affected the functioning of public service facilities in community service centers.


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