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Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Chan Kung on President Trump's predicament
Question: The U.S. stocks have plummeted and could even affect the elections. How can President Trump get out of this predicament?
Chan Kung: What he needs to do is to make sure the epidemic prevention policy should be “detection and discovery”. He should pour in large amount of equipment investment, repeatedly explain and clarify this would be the main direction. He should also greatly improve the efficiency of virus detection, then cooperate with the Federal Reserve's financial support, while emphasizing that excessive preventive measures will be discouraged. Locking down the cities should be discouraged as well, but places with dense human flow should be reduced and controlled. In addition, measures should also be taken to reduce externally imported cases, including airports. People should be encouraged to wear mask when they take public transportation, such as subways. This will stabilize the situation.

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