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Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Chan Kung predicted the era of nuclear war to come

Question: In recent years, you seem to be one of the few people in the world who is concerned about the dangers of nuclear war. Most people think that the danger of nuclear war is nonsense now, even if the world is not exactly peaceful. Mr. Chen, what do you think about the danger of nuclear war now?

Chan Kung: Let me repeat some of my judgements on nuclear war that I made over these 10 years.

1. In today's world, there is no nuclear order in reality. The situation during the Cold War where two superpowers restraining each other will not appear in the future; 2. Nuclear deterrence is an outdated theory. It is inevitable that nuclear weapons will be used, and it is pure luck if they are not being used. The world is approaching the critical state of nuclear policy like never before; 3. The phenomenon of "nuclear democracy" may appear. This is a democracy demonstrated through nuclear hijacking and nuclear plundering; 4. The sea route will no longer be a convenient, safe and efficient channel compares with the land route. The "nuclear ocean" has made the seas around the world extremely unsafe. 5. The life expectancy of the world's potential population is back to approximately 60 years, which is an effect promoted by nuclear technology.

For me, these past opinions will come true in the future, no matter what we think now, and these changes in this world are significant.


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