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Friday, April 30, 2021
Opportunities and Challenges of ECRL
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There have been numerous ups and downs in the East Coast Rail Link 3.0 (ECRL 3.0), a mega rail project thought to be able to integrate the economy of various states that it links through. As Malaysia's politics experienced changes, ECRL 3.0's routes see changes as well. There have been debates on whether the northern or southern routes would bring more economic benefits to the country, and the controversies surrounding the project are equally uneasy for the China Communications Construction Company. There are also some who are worried that such controversies would affect foreign investments in Malaysia.

In the ninth episode of the second season of Money Matters, special guests Dato' Ong Chong Yi, ANBOUND Regional Chief Representative in ASEAN, and Prof. Loh Wei Hoong, Vistage Malaysia Chair, share their thoughts on ECRL 3.0 from national economic development and non-political perspectives. The discussion will also talk about the opportunities and challenges facing ECRL 3.0 as a crucial component for Malaysia's development against a backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Dato' Ong Chong Yi is former Minister Counsellor (Economic Affairs) of Malaysian Embassy in China and former Chief Executive Officer at Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ). He is currently ANBOUND Regional Chief Representative in ASEAN.
  • Prof Loh Wei Hoong is visiting professor at Shenzhen University and Renmin University, Chief Executive Officer Coach, Vistage Malaysia Chair, an expert on Southeast Asia affairs, and a scholar on corporate internationalization strategy. Both of them will discuss their unique perspectives in the ECRL 3.0 issue.
  • Host by CY Wong

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